Site title Description This is an exciting website with wonderful sounds and graphics - lots of fascinating facts about our planet! An excellent site which resources our Scheme of Work for history. BBC Schools - all National Curriculum subjects. Great site of curriculum resources - SATs practice Questions in the children's section This is the website of the Holy Name of Jesus Church in Manchester. It is a great resource for RE, local history and art. The Holy Name is a beautiful 19th century gothic church, fully restored, rich in symbols and statues and close to the Museums and Art Galleries on Wilmslow Road. Web Gallery of Art.
Comprehensive resource of whole history of art, especially the Italian painters and the Renaissance. Good historical background notes to the diferent periods.

A Map to our School Here is a map from a great website which shows you exactly where our school is as well as anything else you know the postcode of.

Aid to the Church in Need -  Our link to the global Catholic Church and how we can help our struggling  brothers and sisters world wide.

Artsonia - worldwide online art gallery where our children exhibit their work.   This is an international site where children's art work is exhibited. Look for your work online!

Astronomical Uplands A great web site full of information about the Stars of The Plough.

BBC Education The BBC certainly knows how to put a site together. Plenty for teachers and children here.

BBC KS2 Bitesize Use this EXCELLENT site to revise for the Year 6 SATs.

Brain Pop A science/technology/health etc. website with little cartoon videos of Tim and Moby who tell you all about - well, just about everything really

CAFOD   CAFOD's website will give you a window into our world - and show how we can help to bring about Fair Shares and Justice in the developing world. See how you can make a difference!

Conquermaths Our school's online maths tutor for all classes from Year 1 to Year 6

Dance Lesson This page gives teachers access to lesson notes for Dance lessons. The music CDs are on the music shelf outside the duck cupboard, ground floor.

DfEE Standards Site The official site with plenty of information for teachers. Download NC, Literacy and Numeracy documents.

Edmark -Online Games A bit of fun for a wet break or a treat. Have a go at Friple Place. It does eventually get quite tricky - you've got use your thinking skills for this one.

Educate the Children A comprehensive site with sections for teachers and parents. Full of useful stuff.

Education City A wonderful website, which we use regularly in school. You can use some of their resources as a guest, but the children in school have access to all the activities, relative to their class.

Extended Schools Cluster group - All Hallows High School and Business College. This is the website of the Extended Schools cluster linked to All Hallows High School and Business College - infromation about our associate high school. and family activities in our school and within the cluster group.

Free Worksheets A source of worksheets which could be useful for homework/ consolidation of class learning.

History Nuffield primary History Get your own school website at 'Internet Kit'. And it's all free too!

Key Stage Two past SAT Papers, Topics and revision.   A really helpful SAT site from St. Joseph's School, Pickering, Yorkshire.

MathSphere Another good website full of interesting maths activities for KS1 and KS2.

No.10 Downing Street Visit No.10 Downing Street - see inside the most famous front door in the world!

Nuffield Design and Technology Nuffield Design and Technology

Ordsall Hall A link to the Elizabethan/Victorian mansion here in Ordsall, which has interesting links with the Tudors and the Gunpowder Plot.

Primary Resources An excellent source of work-sheets and ideas for teachers and parents.

Religious Education resouces Beautiful colouring booklets for the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, the saints - activities and resources for children, parents and teachers.

Rock Over climbing centre Visit this great indoor climbing centre, very close to us in Manchester.

Saint Francis. Canticle of Brother Sun This is an animated flash presentation of this beautiful prayer, with links to much more information about saint Francis.

Salford Diocese The website of Salford Diocese with links to jobs and schools in our area.

Salford East EAZ The Salford East Education Action Zone, based in All Hallows RC High School, Weaste, Salford.

Salford LEA Our own Local Edcuation Authority's Website.

SCIENCE SATs REVISION from Compare4kids

Complete KS2 Science revision scheme - in just one month!

SOS Mathematics A bit difficult this one, but a useful teaching aid. Will be very useful for children in High School too.

The Extended Schools website  

The Roman Mysteries Series A wonderful website, linked to The Roman Mysteries books which are a really exciting and fascinating collection of stories set in Ancient Rome.

World War Two Their Past Your Future - excellent interactive WW11 site. This is a great website with an abundance of exciting and informative resources, activities and videos about all aspects of Roman life.

Young Archaeologists Club - YACs   The Young Archaeologist Club website - fascinating articles and fun things to do - all about archaeology. ( Join our school's YAC - look for meeting times.)